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Mr. ____’s Plan to Save the World - Third Instalment


A segment is a piece of writing that may eventually become part of a longer piece.

The longer piece might be a short story, or might be a delivery, or might be a composition, or in some distant time be a book.

The purpose of a segment being here in the flow of story is to remind ourselves how seeds can grow, in the flow.

Mr. ____’s Plan to Save the World
Instalment 3

It is evident now that nothing is certain, at least to Mr. ____ anyway. He muses in his office, computing likelihoods of certain simple events like dice rolls, probabilities of two heads given three-coin tosses, multiplicative independent trials, Markov chains. He knows at the very minimum that an understanding of probability, linguistics, physics, mathematics, computer science and so on, will be necessary preliminary work to understand the world. Let alone save it. To understand even himself, he would need to bolster his mind with philosophy readings and Jungian expeditions into the unconscious. Mr. ____ is beginning to realise that he has a naïve outlook.

Back at the mining operation in central Australia, the correspondents prepare a note for Mr. ____. They need certain simulation results from Mr. ____’s local-stage economic model, to determine whether a given financial decision will be made. Mr. ____ thinks they’re probing for his code which, he assures them, implements a novel method founded in algebraic topological techniques rather than classical ML algorithms. The code is a bluff; the whole thing is a sham: but they enjoy the results, however ambiguously produced. Statistically, they found that business decisions informed by controlled-relay outsider forces, essentially isolated clusters of savant economists in all the major Australian cities, are actually highly profitable. It is of course, a symbiotic relationship since Mr. ____ gets feedback about the validity of his economic models, and the paycheck of course.

He's been taking psychic notes at the casino. Certain flushes, certain cards and conversations provide insights in the “liminal space” between analogy and exact representation. And analogy and exact representation have a computable relationship. He is of course not a loner in all of these reciprocal interactions. Mr. ____ has a number of correspondents that he himself isn’t even aware of. Agents of the future – new world – sort. He is creating historical documents that will be picked up by individuals “like” himself in years’ time. The royal flush is a symbol for what Mr. ____ feels is the ideal sequence of actions that he can take to get beyond himself, which, despite its vagueness is still the expression he uses to this day among fellow financial spiritualists.