I construe my writings as not necessarily leading towards a book, but as a Never-Ending Collation of Vignettes of random lengths, duration and development. There is no point waiting on the definitive work, the showing is always in progress.

So long as I have a brain, ability to surface the unconscious in me, and a keyboard, or even a pen, I keep writing.

Any subsidiary targets along the way like getting income from my writings, or readers, are just flimsy cutout placeholder targets, and hitting them or not, the writing goes on. Has been for many years.

My ancestors write with me, delivering their unfinished visions. They all died before me, and thus I am a conduit for their stories.

I operate from my rational mind when required. Writing though, goes further, and deeper.

Every day I am working on multiple projects across writing and I.T. I have a B.Sc. in Computer Science, and earn my living building Websites. And that allows me to experiment with writing however I want to.

I am not putting myself out to market as a writer.

I was born in Melbourne, traveled a lot, lived many places. I now live in an old house in the hills outside Melbourne, with my wife. I have no further plans to travel.