Even at the outset of writing this short bio, I hesitate.

Everything I do is a fearful stop-start. Starting my authorial adventure roughly five years ago was like turning a sphere inside out.

An escape room of sorts, the “starting point” of every writer’s journey is a place where only the echoes of other writers can be heard. A long trek through the sludgy muck of replicant writing leads secondly to the confusion of maximalism and thirdly to the quiet clarity of minimalism.

The fourth stage, a purely unique voice begins to sound across a once silent desert.

It is a lifetime of work to truly define one’s instrument, to carve it, to mould it, then to get sustenance from it. Like stages of grief, the writer is always cycling through them, and never really gets over it all.

As an inconsistent idealist, I hope to create reveries, stop-start-poetry and expressive movements with my words that harness the full potential latent in the world.