Author: I_Nakone

Address the green dress. Ideation. Shine on You Crazy Diamond. All these pairwise interactions. Ideation. Me and my other, others, and the world and myself. I have been leafing through the cards – Ideation. John looms over the portal to the world, looking, through large data sets, The AI gaze, nothingness and everything. X-rational. Ideation....

Author: I_Nakone

I was summoning a mathematical formula to mind, but it slipped and the numerator became ungraspable.

Pencil, envelope, to whom?

A voice came in from preconsiousness. Something about rechargeable pencils. Wow. (Opposite of a sharpener??)

I stood in the garden and the bees were so busy on the flowers. The mind beheld the bees...

Author: I_Nakone

He couldn’t bear it. He smiled, with those sharp engaging teeth of his. With those devil’s eyes.

He pulled his hands into positions. He crossed through, signing, gesturing with his life scars.

He smelt vaguely adolescent, and there is a scent in there. His nose had a beery vibe.

Sniffing, shivering, his pupils contained the...

Author: I_Nakone

The differences between things drive the movement from form to form. I am lying awake staring at the stars.

I have seen this pencil: the lead cracks close-up. A signature, an elderly woman.

Hands collect grapes from the trees. Time is fluid.

Fire roars violently, a face turned charcoal.

I have been given license to...

Author: JDSaward

Don't Take This the Wrong Way

dont tell me what way to take your luddite crap, fella. me

and my chatgpt fried and well fucked friend

got more red meat in our circuits than you

could ever imagine, buddy.


crawl back under yr

rock. and don't take this

the wrong way, understand


Author: JDSaward

The craziness visits me today The wind is coming up The dog is alarmed We go to visit the cathedral under the trees The ancestors live there The dog brings me sticks to throw The old people smile. The craziness is a fire eating dragon The dog chases it into the bushes The cathedral bells ring It is time for prayer.

Author: I_Nakone

... In anticipation for steady state ordinariness, we wait.


He is not normal in these young tender years. All emotionally ruptured… Needs integration. They are throwing chips to the pelican and the seagulls. She and him. Waves shoot the occasional surfer along. “… You know I’ll always love you…” But his words waned in the wind...

Author: I_Nakone

Zero - Her eyes were gritty and smoke-thank. Ya saw ‘er on the black-sand. Disband.

One - With myself, I felt flippant. Tendrils of self crawled into the causeway air, like a caucus sways with indecision before a certified slobbster. Themselves. Class.

Two - Clack. Clack. Clack. (Meaning and sound, disjunction, punction… seismic...

Author: I_Nakone

I have seen his eyes brilliant and beautiful. Once.

I have seen those bright green eyes. Excited, scared, optimistic. For a moment, engaging, emptied of their former smugness.

As soon as I created something, I wanted to include it in a rhythm. I wanted to have repetition, cloning, production. I could not escape from the dreadful...

Author: I_Nakone

The Slavs are sitting in the room near the end, hunched about, smoking, shaving, playing with envelopes, burning stuff. They are close together, shoulders rubbing against the walls, boots touching, guns jostling next to each other.

The fire is a spiritual effigy. Blue, yellow and red tendrils wrestling.

My boy’s dirty teeth look...